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    Dr. Judy Foister

How the program works:

When you first arrive, you will watch a specially prepared 30 minute introductory video that will explain the process Dr. Foister will use throughout your sessions with her. Take this time to relax and become acquainted with us and the way we do things here at Gulf Coast Hypnosis Training Center.

Following the video, a personal history will be taken by Dr. Foister so you can enjoy a private, personalized hypnosis session. Each client is treated like an individual with specific needs. Not everyone drinks, smokes, eats or is depressed for the same reason, and not everyone's program is going to be exactly the same. There are No Group Sessions. Our high success rate is a result of our individualized programs that cater to the needs of each person that steps through our door.

Your first session will last one and a half to two and a half hours. Your follow up sessions will usually be shorter. It is important to attend each session and to utilize all of the follow up materials that are included, at no additional cost, in your program!

These programs are about reaching YOUR goals. If you are participating for someone else, you will not be successful! You must have a sincere desire to quit or change!

If you don't see the program listed that is right for you check out our FAQ page or call and ask.

Dr. Foister believes people are responsible for their own lives. If they are unhappy with their current condition they can achieve positive results in their life by re-programming their subconscious mind to think positive .

You can always talk about the problems with psychotherapy, or you can do something about it with hypnotherapy! The choice is yours!


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