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It's Not Magic, By Dr. Judy Foister


Below is an excerpt from Dr. Foister's book, It's Not Magic, which is included (at no additional cost) in your program materials.

"Chapter 1, Use Your Mental Power"

"From the beginning of time, ambitious men and women have tried to improve themselves. They have sought ways and means to forge ahead in knowledge, society, and wealth. Those who have succeeded used their Mental Power, while others, less ambitious, were satisfied to work day in and day out without showing any ambition at all or trying in any way to improve themselves.

      The latter called the others "Lucky," saying that some got all the breaks, never realizing that they too, could have good opportunities if they worked toward that end. The person chosen for a particular position had something to offer, some qualifications that he or she had probably worked towards or studied for a long time.

     If you are satisfied with yourself, if you are the kind of individual who thinks that everything you do is perfect, or everything you own is the best, and that your knowledge on any subject is better than anyone else's, then put this book down, RIGHT NOW. Give someone else a chance to read it, someone who is broad-minded enough to realize that everyone, in one way or another, has room for improvement.

    When I say everyone, this includes the writer as well. IT IS NOT BECAUSE I am writing on this subject that I consider that I have reached the pinnacle of success; on the contrary, I am forever reaching for more improvement, more knowledge, and more success, using my Mental Power, Power of my Will, and every force I can gather to push me along. I have reached many goals and had much success, and I can show you how to attain your goals, step by step, but do not reach for the moon on the first try. If you are reasonable and work towards an end, gradually and with perseverance you will reach it.

    Success has no limit; knowledge and education have no limit; there is always room for improvement.

    To seek self improvement is the best way to achieve success. When successful, you will have recognition from your fellow man and attain position and wealth.

    Success is worth any effort that you can put forth. To attain it you must first have AMBITION and then the DETERMINATION to do something about it, to seek improvement - SELF IMPROVEMENT.

   In this volume you will be shown how to attain self improvement. If you read and study this carefully, you will be in the driver's seat, guiding your destiny toward any goal you may desire."


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