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Realtionships & Self-Improvement

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Whether it’s with your significant other, your parent, a child, a co-worker, a friend or an employer, the relationships we have are an important part of our lives.  Like a car that just won’t work, relationships in trouble seriously hinder our ability to get where we need to go.  They cause unnecessary stress, can influence our moods and self-image, and can even affect other more serious aspects of our lives—job performance, family life, and our feeling of self-worth.   

Hypnosis is not about telling you what to do in your relationship—you must know what you want before coming to us.  This is about you gaining the will power to do what you cannot on your own!   

It’s like a car—unless you have gas in the tank, no matter how powerful the engine is or how hard you press the pedal to the floor, the car will not budge.  But, once you give the car fuel, it’ll do whatever you want it to!

Dr. Foister can show you how easy it is in just a few short sessions.  You will be amazed how focused and determined you are—how sure you are that your decision is the right one.  Once the subconscious is “fueled” with positive thoughts, the sky’s the  limit!

 The program consists of two one-on-one hypnosis sessions with Dr. Foister, also included are the following materials:

  •  Three Subconscious Reinforcement CD’s to listen to at home.
  • Two hypnosis sessions personalized for you by Dr. Foister that cater to your relationship needs.
  • A 45-minute self-improvement DVD.
  • Two Motivational CD’s to listen to in your car for conscious reinforcements.
  • It's Not Magic, a hardback, 228-page book by Dr. Judy Foister to assist you with your transition to total control over your life through hypnosis.
  • Healing Yourself Through Hypnosis, a 272-page book by Frank Caprio, M.D. and Joseph R. Berger explaining the techniques of self-hypnosis and its many applications for your life.
  • A number of other materials to help you with your transition to a happier life free from your relationship trouble! 

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