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Weight Loss

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Unlike the thousands of weight loss plans on the market, this innovative technique doesn't place you on a diet you can't stick to. There are no pills, no gimmicks, no counting calories or points, no starvation, no bizarre milkshakes, and no eating things you hate.

This program will be the easiest transition you ever make towards an important goal.  It is all-natural, and works by unlocking your mind at the subconscious level. You already have everything you need to lose weight: motivation.  Dr. Judy Foister can show you how positive thinking, clearly defined goals, and a willingness to make a change can transport you to the new life you’ve dreamed about.

 Best of all, this program teaches you how to eat healthier, think more positively, and channel your mind into achieving your goal.  These skills do not fade with time! There is no doubt that this program works: our thousands of success stories do not lie.  So what are you “weighting” for? Call or email Now for your FREE, No-Obligation information brochure!

The program consists of two one-on-one hypnosis sessions with Dr. Foister, which last about 1½-2½ hours each. Also included with the initial fee are the following materials:  

  • Three Subconscious Reinforcement CD’s to listen to at home.
  • Three Motivational CD’s to listen to in your car for conscious reinforcements.
  •  It's Not Magic, a hardback, 228-page book by Dr. Judy Foister to assist you with your transition to total control over your life through hypnosis.
  •  Dr. Foister's Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Diet Plan, complete with daily meal plans and helpful tips for eating out, getting taste without calories, and living a healthier life.
  •  Magic Choices Cookbook,  by Dr. Foister, chalk-full of recipes that are both delicious and nutritious.
  • A Plan for Healthy Living, journal to help you track your progress.
  •  A number of other materials to help you along the way! 

Over $200 worth of material included at no charge w/ your program

or you can purchase these materials as a bundle separately for $200

(not available anywhere else!):

 Magic Choices Cookbook            Dr. Judy Foister's Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Diet Plan       

 It's Not Magic, By Dr. Foister            Lifestyle Journal

Motivation CD   Motivation CD    Motivation CD


 Reinforcement CD    Reinforcement CD     Reinforcement CD       

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