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Anxiety, Stress, Depression

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Are you anxious, stressed or depressed?

When you consider the strains of anxiety, stress, and depression on relationships, family, and self-esteem, coupled with physical & mental symptoms, here is no question that these conditions are serious and must be treated before they can escalate to bigger problems. A few of the long-term effects of anxiety, stress & depression can be heart disease, ulcers, strokes, mental illness, physical breakdown & even death.

Why does hypnosis work on anxiety, stress & depression? Hypnosis works by re-programming your subconscious mind. It is not a magical cure- it's so much better! You are given the relaxation, patience and courage to overcome your anxiety, stress and depression for good.

The program consists of two one-on-one hypnosis sessions with Dr. Foister, which last about two- two and a half hours each. Also included are the following materials:

  • Three Subconscious Reinforcement CD's to listen to at home.
  • A 45 minute self-improvement DVD.
  • Two motivational CD's to listen to in your car for conscious reinforcements.
  • It's Not Magic, a hardback, 228 page book by Dr. Judy Foister to assist you with your transition to total control over your life through hypnosis.
  • Healing Yourself Through Hypnosis, a 272 page book by Frank Caprio, MD and Joseph R. Berger explaining the techniques of self-hypnosis and it's many applications for your life.
  •  A number of other materials to help you with your transition to a happier life free from stress, anxiety or depression.

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