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Judy Foister, Ph.D.



Dr. Judy Foister, Founder and Director of the Gulf Coast Hypnosis Training Center, has over 35 years of experience in the field of hypnosis. Dr. Foister received her Ph.D. from the National Institue of Hypnosis. She is a ceritifed graduate of the National Institute of Hypnosis and a member of the Family Institute in New Orleans and is an accepted and Registered Hypnotherapist with the American Guild of Hypnotherapist, located in California.

Dr. Foister has worked with the F.B.I. police and sheriff's departments. She is also the President of the Gulf Coast Hypnosis Therapist Association, the first non-profit Hypnosis Club in Northwest Florida. Dr. Foister is a Licensed Behavioral Therapist and has taken advanced courses in Hypnotherapy, Psychology, Bio-Feedback, Alternative Medicine, Behavior Therapy and Motivation. She has received literally thousands of referrals from medical doctors since she first opened the Gulf Coast Hypnosis Training Center in 1975, and has attended dozens of specialized hypnosis seminars all over the country, such as Westerman's Stop Smoking seminars located in San Diego, California.

Dr. Foister is the author of the hypnosis-motivation book It's Not Magic, a cookbook Magic Choices, and Dr. Foister's diet books, The Daily Lifestyle Journal Workbook and The Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Diet Plan. In addition, she has developed many professional CD's, DVD's and curriculum, utilized in her programs and distributed and marketed worlwide.

In addition to her extremely successful hypnotherapy practice, she is also a successful enterpreneur and local business woman. Dr. Foister has applied her own techniques of positive thinking and self image to enrich her own life, and to drastically change the lives of the people she encounters through her practice.


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